Weekly Fiction Rec Roundup 2

As mentioned last week I’m trying to read at least one short story a day, and, if I like it I’m signal boosting it on Mastodon (If I don’t like it I’m sharing a favorite story I’ve read before). Every week I’m gathering those recommendations here in a weekly roundup.

Here are the stories I shared this week:

“Black Like Them” by Troy L. Wiggins from Fireside Fiction

This was a reach back to a favorite story from earlier in the year. Love the format of this one – a fictional magazine article about a ‘Dolezal Drug’. I think it’s getting a look at by some people for awards season right now and rightfully so.

“Untitled” by K.A. Teryna, translated from Russian by Alex Shvartsman from Apex #102

This is what I said when I shared it on Mastodon: ‘Just finished it so I’m still turning it around in my mind, but I liked this story about pain and love that felt like it could only take place in the very late-night hours when the subway stops running, as it does.’

Still turning it around in my mind. Like many of this week’s roundups it’s best read in the quiet dark.

“My Saints Are Down” by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy from Nightmare Magazine #62

I have a particular fondness for Nightmare, as I’ve been a slush reader there since they started, so I’m a little extra pleased to share this short reprint. It’s more weird than horror, but I think it makes for another good late-night read: there’s something unsettling about the main character’s strange encounters in Goa.

“A Cure for Ghosts” by Eden Royce from Fireside Fiction

My second recommendation from Fireside this week. I saw a lot of people raving about this flash piece and it’s worth the praise. A fun little story of consequences for people who think rules don’t apply to them.

“Silk Bones” by Neil Williamson from The Dark

A good dark fantasy winter tale about secrets buried under the snow. Which may not be the best place to find permanent release from the things you want to forget.

“Shoots and Ladders” by Charles Payseur from Diabolical Plots

Two things I will never not love: a good alternate reality story and a good time travel story. This, about a man crashing from one reality to the next, is of the first sort. Could you stop looking for perfection if it might only be a click away?

Hope you find something in this batch to enjoy yourself. Feel free to leave your thoughts on any of them below. And if you do read a story you love I urge you to share it on you own social media. Writers and markets need that word of mouth.



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