Useful Links: Armed With Pens, and More

Ok, it’s time for me to point out some more places that I’ve personally been finding useful or enjoyable on this here internet.

My main highlight for today is a new site called Armed With Pens (@ArmedWithPens). They’ve been going since about mid June and already have fifteen articles up. Topics so far have included getting an agent, why you don’t need an agent, marketing, ebook formatting, editing (both as a process and as a profession), and more.

Their about page says:

…Armed with Pens is a resource dedicated to helping writers and editors, working within all fields of literature and magazines, achieve the best work they possibly can…

and so far they seem to be well on their way to becoming just that. One nice thing about he site is that, unlike a personal blog or website, you’ll see a variety of writers and editors providing their opinions and advice. Notice there that it’s not just writers posting articles at Armed With Pens but also editors? Yeah, I think that’s something that’s going to really help them stand out as a resource for anyone interested in the publishing world. I for one find both the editing process and the profession of editor fascinating and getting advice straight from professional editors seems potentially invaluable to me. There are a lot of writers out there providing advice for other writers. I’m sure there are editors out there doing the same thing. Armed with pens is one of the first I’ve personally come across that is bringing both together to provide some great content.

I should note that if you’ve come across similar sites, please – let me know!

Before signing off today I’d also like to highlight a couple of blogs that I’ve come to like. Both of these are by writers who’ve been complimentary to me on some of my flash fiction posted here at Looking for A Rabbit Hole so if you want to consider my opinion tainted, well, go ahead. A better bet would probably be checking out their sites and deciding for yourself.

N.B. Both of these fellows write primarily horror/dark fiction. I don’t know how it happened but my reading, has become more and more dominated by horror lately – a genre I rarely trafficked in outside of movies and TV before. Probably that’s what happens when you spend too much time hanging out at

So we’ve got:

Tim Whitcher’s Helvetica’s Indie Horror Stories


K.G. Arndell’s site. (@KGArndell) EDIT: K.G. Arndell has decided to change to a Pen name of Nathann Kane (@NathannKane). Same site, new name. The new link is here.

One thing I love about both of these sites is that they’re nice on the eyes. Far too many of my fellow author’s websites I’ve stumbled across these past few months have been confusing eyesores likely to induce headaches. (Sorry folks – facts are facts). Neither K.G.’s nor Tim’s blogs suffer from this. So go, check these things out, and before you leave feel free to poke around here a bit too!


One thought on “Useful Links: Armed With Pens, and More

  1. Wow! Thanks, Jeff. I just dropped by to see if you were staying out of trouble and happened to notice my name. Naturally my first reaction was paranoia. 🙂

    This was very kind of you. And thanks for the heads up about Armed With Pens. Looks like a great site. I’m already becoming a regular at Tim’s place. Nice ambiance and he doesn’t water down the drinks. Thanks again!


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