Useful Link: Slushpile Avalanche

Looking for tips on writing? Looking for tips on writing short (and flash) fiction? Looking for tips on getting your fiction published? Today’s useful link has all of that.

A very recent discovery for me, I’ve been very impressed by what I’ve found at Slushpile Avalanche so far. Now before I go any further I should mention that Slushpile Avalanche appears to be a dead or nearly-dead blog. According to Google Reader the last post was from January of this year and there was only one post in all of 2011. It’s also not a very big site; the site’s front page blog archive lists 37 posts in 2010. So, there are only 39 posts all told in the blog and not all of them may contain writing and publishing advice.

HOWEVER, with all those caveats out of the way I can say that what I’ve read over there so far has been very interesting.

The writer of the blog is (was?) Suzanne Vincent, the editor-in-chief of Flash Fiction Online. Her posts include both her own advice, on such things as how to make dialogue more believable and how manage story length, and links to other interesting blogs and articles with information that writers trying to get published might find helpful.

I haven’t read all the posts at Slushpile Avalanche yet, but I’m going to – there may be a limited number of them, but the value to someone like me (a newbie/wannabe writer who wants to actually get published) looks to be quite high.


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