Time For a Change

Anyone not coming by for the first time might notice a significant change on the website. I’m no longer putting up a link to my serial “Empire & Animal”. This is because I’ve decided to take the four completed E&A stories down from JukePop Serials. For those who might care I’d like to make a couple of things clear about this:

1) This should not be a negative reflection on JukePop in any way. Do to my personal life upheavals of the last couple of years I haven’t written any new E&A installments in a long time, and a serial just doesn’t work if you’re not able to keep it going on a regular basis. Jukepop were the first people to ever pay me money for something I wrote (for the first installment of the serial) and that is a moment of my life I’ll always treasure. There is a lot of good fiction on JukePop you should definitely consider checking it out. Start with poling around the JP Top 30 perhaps.

2) This does not mean I’m done with E&A. Quite the opposite. I’m making this change because I’m finally ready to start moving forward with it again and feel a fresh start is best. What exactly happens next will depend on a few things, but the main plan for now is to shop around the four completed (and now professionally edited) E&A stories as reprints while I write another 40,000-60,000 words worth of E&A stories.

Once that’s done I should have a nice little group of stories sharing a setting that will almost surely see publication in some form as a collection along the lines of the Thieves World (expect written by one author) or Lankhmar (except with a wide variety of point of views / main characters) books. Given the format and previous publication of some of the stories I suspect that book will take the form of an author-published (read: self-published) book. How soon that happens will depend largely on whether or not I successfully manage to sell any of these stories to magazines along the way.

So, that’s why things look a little different around here and why all my other E&A related posts have disappeared. Personally, I’m very glad to finally getting some momentum going on this project again and hopefully you and many other people will be visiting the world of Empire & Animal again soon.

Until then perhaps you’d consider checking out some of my other stories?


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