The List

So this is the list I came up with of goals I’d like to achieve as a writer. I originally referred to myself as an “aspiring writer” but I’ve dumper that term. I am a writer. Lots of work before that’s “full time writer”, but a writer none the less. These are still goals I hope to achieve.

  • Sell a short story to a semi-pro market
  • Sell a short story to a pro market
  • Have a short story I write included in an anthology
  • Get a paid publishing credit in the gaming industry
  • Meet the qualifying requirements for SFWA Active Membership
  • Get an agent
  • Get a novel published (“legacy” or traditional style – through a publisher)
  • Self-publish a novel (that actually generates meaningful sales)
  • Have a story, novel or collection I write turned into a high-quality audiobook
  • Make $1000 through my writing
  • Make $10,000
  • Make $100,000
  • Go Full Time As a Writer
  • Make the New York Times Bestseller list
  • Win any significant writing prize for fiction
  • The Big One: Support my family solely through my writing