This is THE LIST v1.1 of milestones I will be looking out for to track my progress in my goal to become a writer. I am fully aware that many of these things may never come true but that’s no reason not to include them. My goal is not to achieve everything on THE LIST. My goal is to eventually make a living (or at least a significant secondary income) as a writer.

  • Sell a short story to a semi-pro market
  • Sell a short story to a pro market
  • Meet the qualifying requirements for SFWA Active Membership
  • Get an agent
  • Get a novel published (“legacy” or traditional style – through a publisher)
  • Self-publish a novel (that actually generates meaningful sales)
  • Make $1000 through my writing
  • Make $10,000 through my writing
  • Get a paid publishing credit in the gaming industry
  • Make the New York Times Bestseller list
  • Win any significant writing prize for fiction
  • Have a short story I write included in an anthology
  • Have a story, novel or collection I write turned into a high-quality audiobook
  • The Big One: Support my family solely through my writing