Weekly Fiction Rec Roundup 1

So I’ve joined Mastodon. You can find me at @JXilon@mastodon.social. I figure I basically don’t use Facebook or Google+ or any other social media outside of Twitter so I could afford one more thing to keep up with.

I’m hoping to make my mastodon feed a happy sort of place more tightly focused on creative stuff than my Twitter is. To go with that theme I’ve started posting one photo of mine there every day and sharing one story (not of mine) every day. I’m trying to read at least one short story every day, and if I like it I’m sharing it on Mastodon. If I don’t I go to the well and share a favorite story I’ve read before.

At the end of every week I’ll be posting the stories I recommended on Mastodon here in one collected post.

So here’s what I shared this week:

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