Some Micro Fiction for #MondayMixer

It’s been awhile since I wrote some flash/micro fiction for one of the weekly contests. This little story is for entry over at The Latinum Vault for their Monday Mixer contest. It had to be exactly 150 words and include a location, thing and adjective chosen from lists provided. I picked cabana, cabachon and intrinsic.

Here’s the story (untitled):

Tony Twist lounged poolside in his cabana. It looked well stocked with top-shelf booze, quality girls and low-class thugs.

Looked fun, but his smile disappeared when he saw me. “Drake, I’ve been waiting. I’m not good at waiting,” he said.

“Looks like you do it well enough.”

“You got any leads yet?”

“Better,” I said and took out the cool stone from my pocket. His eyes went saucer-wide before I tossed it over.

“The girl?”

“Settle for the cabachon, Tony. You got the pretty stone. Forget the pretty girl.”

“She was an intrinsic part of our deal.”

“So give me half of what we agreed and we’ll call it even.”

“She stole from me.”

“You’ll get over it. Payment in two days Tony, or she sings some songs downtown.”

I laughed as I walked away. Tony’d play, he’d bragged a bit too much to Claire not to.


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