Some Micro-Fiction For Monday Mixer

So as my first “new content” now that I’m back I offer up an answer to this week’s Monday Mixer Challenge from The Latinum Vault. In a Monday mixer you must choose a noun, verb and adjective from the lists provided and use them in a bit of micro-fiction exactly 150 words long. This week I chose the noun slew, the verb ensorcell and the adjective vainglorious. According to Scrivener it’s 150 words.

The Fall of Agashan

The reign of Agashan, Lord of Stars, was a terrible time. A tyrant, Agashan wielded the mightiest of magics in his rise to dominance. He needed no army. Ensorcelled by the sorcerer family member fought family member, neighbor cursed neighbor. Hardened soldiers fell at the wave of his hand. Indeed, when some few of us so-called heroes came to face him on the fields of Talshin he but flicked his wrist and the slew of the land beneath our feet fell us. Toppled and strewn about, we looked up in awe at the sorcerer. Agashan’s power was awesome, indeed, but he had became vainglorious. Too certain of his position, he never saw, while we lay on the ground at his feet, the tiny Gorip, the frogling prince, leap from tall grass to drive an almost invisibly slim blade into the back of his neck, ending his terrible reign forever.



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