Time For a Change

Anyone not coming by for the first time might notice a significant change on the website. I’m no longer putting up a link to my serial “Empire & Animal”. This is because I’ve decided to take the four completed E&A stories down from JukePop Serials. For those who might care I’d like to make a couple of things clear about this:

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Reading Old Comics: Dime Comics #1

Note: This was supposed to be a Canada Day edition of reading old comics. Unfortunately, it’s coming out a day late. Still, Canada is a pretty cool place, worthy of appreciation on any day, and most days people read this post probably won’t be Canada Day anyway, so we’re going with it.

When looking for an old comic to read on a Wednesday that also happened to be Canada Day I knew I wanted some Canadian content. Enter Dime Comics and Johnny Canuck (thanks to the Digital Comics Museum)!

So Dime Comics was one of the comics published by Bell Features up here in Canada during World War II. In Dime Comics#1 they introduced the public to three new adventuresome heroes: Scotty MacDonald “Super British Agent”, Rex Baxter “an adventurous young soldier of fortune”, and Johnny Canuck “Arch Enemy of Nazis and Facists” – and later to be known as Canada’s Super Hero. A hero that eventually found his way into the Library and Archives of Canada’s Guardians of the North collection.

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A Random Assortment of Things & Thoughts

It’s been busy around here in my personal life. I’ve been focused on my son finishing up his first year of real school (grade 1 is now in the books) and his first season of organized sports (box lacrosse – two last games of the season tomorrow).

I’ve got stories out there doing the submission rounds and if my rejectomancy (a term I’d only recently heard of thanks to twitter) skills are any good I’d say that I’m regularly (though not always) making it past the first round of slush reading at a lot of markets, but still most often coming up on the thanks but no thanks list. One story in particular I *know* for a fact (due to emails from editors) has been seriously considered, but ultimately rejected, by many a market now and I’m having a hard time deciding what to do with it. That’s small picture though. In the big picture I think I need to strap myself into a chair and write, write, write because I may very well be close to reaching a new level in my storycraft skills.

One of the places that I have made a sale to and been published by, Fireside Fiction, is having a subscription drive right now. Please, take a moment and check it out. They have made meaningful compensation for authors telling great stories one of their founding principals, it would be a shame if they couldn’t keep doing that.

Finally, if you’re on Twitter you should really make it a point to be following Matt Wallace (@MattFnWallace), Saladin Ahmed (@saladinahmed), Chuck Wendig (@ChuckWendig), and Kameron Hurley (@KameronHurley). You can thank me later.

So….what are you reading this first week of Summer?

Reading Old Comics: Nick Fury, Agent Of…S.H.I.E.L.D. #1

It’s been awhile, but I thought it was time to dig out (digitally speaking) an old comic and see what it had going for it. This time round I let a random number generator do most of the work. My only rules were that it had to be something from available on Marvel Unlimited (to make it easy for myself and because I pay for the damn thing but haven’t used it in quite awhile) and it had to have been released in June of a previous year. As a bonus I lucked out and the comic chosen was actually released not only June of 1968, but June 10th of 1968. Letting me say today’s old comic is 47 years old today!

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Look What I Found

So I’ll admit it: Now that I have a couple stories published I went and did some ego-searches on the Google. Much to my surprise and delight I actually discovered two very nice little reviews of my work. One of them quite old, one quite recent, and, well, if I’m the sort who’s going to go looking for them then I’m probably the sort who will share them. At least this first time, having never had reviews to share before.

In the old category we have Emily Short’s review of “Future Voices” the interactive fiction anthology that was published as a free iOS-app a couple years ago by inkle. My story “Facing Life, Facing Death” had won a place in it (4th place to be specific) and Emily calls it out as one of the three more interesting pieces in the collection.

In the recent category my story “H“, published back on April 30th by Daily Science Fiction, found it’s way onto Amy Sisson’s reading list. She is trying to read at least one short story a day for the year. In her monthly round up for stories she read in May she included “H” as one of the three “true stand-outs” she read that month.

I wont lie folks, these reviews put a smile on my face, and I hope if you’ve never checked out either of these stories they might convince you to give them a whirl.


New Flash Available!

Fireside Fiction Issue 24 went live today and it includes my flash piece “All of Our Days“. I’m quite proud of the story and I’m thrilled it’s appearing in Fireside, a market I love to support myself, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Also in this issue are stories from Malon Edwards (which has an excellent piece of Galen Dara art to go with it) and Alex Hughes. Finally, Lilith Saintcrow has the 9th installment of her serial “She Wolf and Cub”. If you haven’t been following along you’ll need to go back to Issue 16 to start that from the beginning.

What I Patreon

I’m a big fan of crowdfunding. Much to the detriment of my wallet sometimes, but ah well. In the past I’ve supported quite a few Kickstarters and I’ve also joined in some Indiegogos, and GoFundMes. Beyond getting cool things and supporting cool projects I’ve also come to see crowdfunding in the same light I see various Social Media platforms on their best day: they give me hope for the future. I think they are an important counter-weight to the growing influence of mainstream, soulless corporate control over our media, art, and politics. Continue reading