Introducing “THE LIST”

So one thing that anyone checking out “Looking for a Rabbit Hole” might be wondering is: What does Jeff mean by “becoming a writer”.

That’s what I’d be wondering if I was someone else stumbling across this place anyway. When I say I want to become a writer I am specifically referring to becoming a professional writer. Or, to put it another way, I want to become a writer who is paid for their work. I’m looking for a career change here. At the minimum I’d at least like to create a supplementary career out of writing.

Now, as mentioned in my first post I have no illusions about developing a writing career quickly. I also realize that making a good living through writing is not the easiest career path in the world and that many (most?) who try don’t succeed. Still, that’s no reason not to try right? I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon to play starving artist, after all I have a wife and son to consider, instead I’m looking to develop writing into a part-time job to go along with my teaching career. If that step becomes successful then I’ll look at moving more and more into writing as my primary job.

OK, so now that we’ve cleared that up it’s time to introduce an idea I’d like to make semi-central to this blog. Unimaginatively, I’m calling it “THE LIST”. The list will be a series of goals or milestones that show my successes on the road to being a writer. I’ll be posting whenever I achieve something on the list and visitors can check the list’s status whenever they want.

A few notes. First, the list is not a plan. It is not written in any order of intent. If I achieve item 10 before item 1 or 2 (these numbers are just examples) then so be it. Some things on the list (have a novel make the New York Times Bestseller list) may (will probably?) never happen. I do not need to accomplish all of the items on the list to consider myself successful. Finally, the list is not static. If I think of something in the future to put on the list I will. Anyone actually reading this blog is free to make suggestions for the list. Similarly, if I achieve something in my writer’s life that I’m proud of or think is significant it will be retroactively be added to the list.


OK, enough rambling. Here is “THE LIST” v1.0

  • Sell a short story to a semi-pro market
  • Sell a short story to a pro market
  • Meet the qualifying requirements for SFWA Active Membership
  • Get an agent
  • Get a novel published (“legacy” or traditional style – through a publisher)
  • Self-publish a novel (that actually generates meaningful sales)
  • Make $1000 through my writing
  • Make $10,000 through my writing
  • Get a paid publishing credit in the gaming industry
  • Make the New York Times Bestseller list
  • Win any significant writing prize for fiction
  • Have a short story I write included in an anthology

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