I’m On a Podcast!

I talked about how cool The Roundtable Podcast is before. If you don’t know, they are are great show with a unique concept. Every week they put out two episodes. One is an interview with a professional writer or editor. In the second episode the pro returns to join the hosts in work-shopping a story with a guest writer.

The most recent pro (at the time of this post) was the fantastic Tobias Buckell (@tobiasbuckell), and the most recent guest bringing in a story to kick around was me!

I had a lot of fun doing the show and I know when I sit down to write my story it will be greatly improved because of it. You can find the episode here. Please feel free to spread the word about not just my episode but the Roundtable in general. They are easily one of my favorite podcasts. If you’re a storyteller of any sort you should really be listening in – the ideas lessons learned about the craft of storytelling on both kinds of episodes is well worth your time.

Oh – I’ll probably be back later today with a new post about two challenges I’ve recently taken on. One is about reading and the other is about writing!


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