How Fast Can a Medical Test Change Your Life?

Hello all,

It’s been quiet around here for a while and I thought I’d put up a post explaining why. I should warn you that this will be a very personal post and there will probably be more of them to come in this vein in the future. This is, after all, my personal blog and it will always reflect me and my life. My life, I should say our (my family’s) lives, have been pretty permanently changed over the course of the last week. Let me get to the heart of the matter and present what I wrote on Facebook a day or so ago:

    Hello all, serious personal update today. Maybe too serious/personal for Facebook but I’ve told all the people in person I’m able to so now I feel it’s time to make it more general knowledge.

This week my wife, Mira, was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Yesterday, she had surgery and they were able to save nearly 40% of her stomach. As I understand things, that’s really good news. We have to wait a week to find out more detailed information, such as stage of the cancer, and a fuller prognosis.

Mira is a big believer in prayer and I know she’d be happy to know that other people are praying for her. If you do pray, please say one for her. If you’re not big on prayer (like me), positive thoughts are just as appreciated.

Cliched as it is to say, it’s true that it’s really amazing how quickly your entire life can change. It’s still early days for us as we try and navigate this turn our lives have taken, it’s all happened so very fast, but we will take it day at a time and move forward doing whatever we need to do so that Mira can get back to living a full, happy and healthy life.

So, yeah, life has thrown us a very unexpected and scary curve ball. The definite confirmation that Mira had cancer came this past Monday. We knew there was  a strong possibility she had cancer about a week earlier. The week and a half before that my son had been in the hospital with a not too serious issue (that’s all cleared up now). That actually turns out to have been a blessing because it was my wife being at the hospital anyway and not feeling well that ultimately led to her getting some tests and screenings done that discovered the cancer.

As I’m sure many of you know early detection is probably the most important weapon you can have on your side in any battle with cancer and while we don’t have an official determination of the staging yet there is a lot of reason to hope this was caught pretty early.

So, the early not-too-serious medical issue and the more recent ultimately serious medical issue have not left me a lot of time (or the mental state) for writing, blogging or studying. I’m going to try to make a concerted effort to get back to all of these a little bit each day, mostly because I need the stress relief that comes with doing something productive that feels like I’m moving forward and accomplishing something that’s under my control. Right now all of my energy is being split between worry and holding everything together. I know I can’t maintain that sort of state indefinitely so I’ll be turning to my personal pursuits as a kind of self-therapy.

A final note: you can expect more posts on this topic going forward. I will be getting back to posting about comics, jazz, books, writing, etc. but I’ll also be visiting what’s going on with me and my family as my wife’s battle with cancer has only just begun. Some might wonder or question if a blog like this is the proper place for putting information like this just “out there”, but I find it helpful to “talk” about what’s going on, even if it is just to the ether of the internet. I’ve also become a recent believer in the power and importance of people sharing their real-life stories of difficulties in their lives and the real emotions that they feel about them. I had actually been planning to write a post about the power of such public sharing. I’m still planning too, and soon, but now I will not just be pointing you to examples I’ve seen of others sharing their stories but becoming one myself.

Until next post then, go hug someone you love.


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  1. Well you got the right choice as far as a stress reliever.Will definitely pray for your wife’s healthy as well as your own health for you to share and unfold how you overcome things despite of the situation you are in . May God the almighty bless you and your family always! 🙂 [ rabbt dot com ]

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