Comics: Masks & Mobsters #1

A little while ago I gave my thoughts about the new comics company monkeybrain comics’ roll-out titles. Those can be found here. The company’s newest creator owned title is Masks & Mobsters and its my favorite of the titles so far.

It’s written by Joshua Williamson (@Williamson_Josh) and the artist for this first issue is Mike Henderson (@MikeSHenderson), though the info page says that there will be a rotating cast of artists. I’m sure the other artists to come will all do great but I’m definitely looking forward to more issues drawn by Mike Henderson. The art is black and white evokes a great sense of mood.

Masks and Mobsters is set in the Golden Age and sets itself up to answer the question of how a sudden influx of costumed heroes and villains effect the mob. It’s described as a crime anthology and each issue is supposed to be a standalone story set in a shared setting: the fictional Golden City. Issue one put its focus squarely on the mobsters, though Doctor Daylight does show up, as gangster Bobby Silver is charged by his boss Sicario with finding out who has been talking to heroes about his business.

If you like mobster stories you’re going to love this issue. The gangsters talk and look just like we want them to, and when people step out of line, well that’s why they carry guns.

My only (small) worry about M&M going forward is what standalone story is going to mean. If we never get to see Bobby Silver again, for example, I’d be disappointed. I’m also curious, not worried – just curious, about how, or if, the look will change with different artists. I assume every issue will be just as good as or better than this debut, but the look was perfect – I hope having a new story and a new artist won’t be distracting or off-putting.

That said though, if for some reason I could only by one issue #2 of a monkeybrain comics title it’d be Masks & Mobsters #2.


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