The Ballad of John Lee, Part 3

Ok, here is the third installment of The Ballad of John Lee. It’s occurred to me that I should probably put a warning on these stories for explicit language. So there it is. You’ve been warned. The Ballad of John Lee contains cursing. Including some f-bombs and other colourful language.

You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

The Ballad of John Lee Part 3. “Into the Woods”

Getting taken out of the house was far more disorienting for John then being led in had been. Fyodor was heavy-handed and showed little compunction about dropping bombs on a blind man. Pushed, prodded and shoved down the hall he thought he must have looked like a drunken sailor as he staggered to and fro.

When they got outside Fyodor stopped him and stood him straight. “It’s time to make a choice Lee. Easy or hard. You can ride in the back seat or the trunk.”

“She’s pregnant,” John said.

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The Ballad of John Lee, Part 2

A couple weeks ago I wrote a story called “When John Lee Met Smiley“. It was in response to a flash fiction challenge that asked us to update a fairy or folk tale and put it in a more modern setting. I chose a Korean folk tale called “The Fortune Teller and the Demons”. These challenges have 1000 limits and I make a point of sticking to them so I was only able to tell the first part of the story. Well, I’ve been thinking about it and I decided I wanted to finish it. Actually I decided I wanted to do more than that. I’m now planning to have regular additions to this story.

This will be the first serial attempted here on Looking For a Rabbit Hole. Today I give you part two. The story is still following the original folk tale. Part 3 will finally finish the updating and after that I’ll be striking out into new territory. Oh, before I give you the story a small production note: this is longer than 1000 words. It’s more like 1600, which makes it the longest bit of fiction on the site by far. This isn’t a part of anyone’s challenge so I get to make all the rules. Each part of the continuing story will be as long as I feel it should be.

The Ballad of John Lee, Part 2:

Smiley’s Revenge

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