A Review Is In!

Wanted to drop a quick note to share some cool news with you:

My latest story, “A Look at the Rise of Jihyun “Sardonicus” Layne From Pirate to Chancellor Through the Official Communiques of Her Predecessor” has been reviewed along with the other ten stories in the latest (and for now last) issue of The Sockdolager over at Quick Sip Reviews.

To say I’m thrilled to see that reviewer, Charles Payseur, liked the story would be a serious understatement. If you’ve read the issue, or are the sort who doesn’t mind spoilers, I strongly suggest heading over and checking out the full issue’s review. It’s a big post for a big issue, but it’s well worth your time.

Might I also suggest considering checking out Charles’ patreon and consider lending some support there? Supporting good markets is obviously incredibly important, especially in the face of losing venues such as The Sockdolager, but reviewers like Charles are also playing a really important role in the field. There’s no point to having good stories out there if no one is reading them or talking about them and reviewers help raise visibility and get the conversations started.


120 Authors – 230 Tales – 1.1 Million Words! All Free!

Check out that title! That is what you’ll find if you go download yourself a copy of Up and Coming: Stories from the 2016 Campbell-Eligble Writers.

This mega-anthology was put together by writers SL Huang and Kurt Hunt, themselves Campbell Eligible this year, to showcase the vast range of new talent out there in the speculative fiction field. Continue reading


“Next Time On…” aka The Series I Can’t Wait to Read More Of

I’ve always intended this place to be partly fro talking about the various rabbit holes I’ve fallen down. The stories and media that have sucked me into their worlds, set up a little home for themselves in my consciousness, and made me love them.

Unfortunately, sharing stories I love is just one of the many things I haven’t been doing around here with much consistency. So today I thought I’d do a little mental housekeeping and tell you about some of the things I’ve been reading (some recently, some less so) that I not only enjoyed, but that have more coming down the line for their continuing series.

If you haven’t read these things yet they get my strongest personal recommendation. Go get them, read them, and join me in jittery anticipation waiting for the next fix these authors have lined up for us.

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Thoughts on Pan and the Insidious Evil at the Heart of Neverland

So last night my father and I took my son and nephew to go see “Pan”. It’s the first movie I’ve watched in the theater in a long time and it left me with some thoughts that just won’t go away so here is, not so much a review, but instead a reaction, to Pan. If you care, it should be pretty obvious that spoilers are incoming.

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Reading Old Comics: Dime Comics #1

Note: This was supposed to be a Canada Day edition of reading old comics. Unfortunately, it’s coming out a day late. Still, Canada is a pretty cool place, worthy of appreciation on any day, and most days people read this post probably won’t be Canada Day anyway, so we’re going with it.

When looking for an old comic to read on a Wednesday that also happened to be Canada Day I knew I wanted some Canadian content. Enter Dime Comics and Johnny Canuck (thanks to the Digital Comics Museum)!

So Dime Comics was one of the comics published by Bell Features up here in Canada during World War II. In Dime Comics#1 they introduced the public to three new adventuresome heroes: Scotty MacDonald “Super British Agent”, Rex Baxter “an adventurous young soldier of fortune”, and Johnny Canuck “Arch Enemy of Nazis and Facists” – and later to be known as Canada’s Super Hero. A hero that eventually found his way into the Library and Archives of Canada’s Guardians of the North collection.

title Continue reading


Reading Old Comics: Nick Fury, Agent Of…S.H.I.E.L.D. #1

It’s been awhile, but I thought it was time to dig out (digitally speaking) an old comic and see what it had going for it. This time round I let a random number generator do most of the work. My only rules were that it had to be something from available on Marvel Unlimited (to make it easy for myself and because I pay for the damn thing but haven’t used it in quite awhile) and it had to have been released in June of a previous year. As a bonus I lucked out and the comic chosen was actually released not only June of 1968, but June 10th of 1968. Letting me say today’s old comic is 47 years old today!

Yeah, I probably should have picked something from 65 so I could review it on it’s 50th birthday. Hindsight and all that. Continue reading


What I Patreon

I’m a big fan of crowdfunding. Much to the detriment of my wallet sometimes, but ah well. In the past I’ve supported quite a few Kickstarters and I’ve also joined in some Indiegogos, and GoFundMes. Beyond getting cool things and supporting cool projects I’ve also come to see crowdfunding in the same light I see various Social Media platforms on their best day: they give me hope for the future. I think they are an important counter-weight to the growing influence of mainstream, soulless corporate control over our media, art, and politics. Continue reading