Back to It!

Well well well. It’s been quite some time since I posted here (though I have two recent flash pieces up here and here). November and December turned out to be lost months for my writing, blogging and studying. Looking back I think the problem was that I had not yet made those things regular enough habits that they could withstand the turmoil going on around here at the end of last year. Along with everything going on with my wife’s cancer (things continue to look very good on that front!) it was the end of semester at work and that always brings a lot of extra work and of course there were holidays to think about. With all of that going on I guess it’s only natural that some things suffered. Still, if I have one simple goal for 2013 it is that I want to make writing (including blogging and studying) such an integral part of my daily life that even in the hard times I don’t stop. My personal motto for the year is: If you treat it like a hobby then it’ll never be a job. Or a career. I didn’t stop doing my job when life got hard and going forward I don’t want to stop my writing either.

January has been a much better month and after taking a couple of weeks to enjoy something of an at-home holiday (and a wee bit more paperwork for the job) I’ve used the free time I have right now to help get these things back on track. Here at the blog the first thing I’m going to do is a series of looking back/where things stand posts. I know these are usually done in late December or early January, but I make the rules around here and I say that as long as I get them done in January then it’s all good. The first of these will probably be out later today with more coming daily. So how was your end of 2012? And how has 2013 treated you so far?


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