A Victory On The Flash Fiction Circuit

So last week I made a post about winning an honorable mention in week 30 of the  #ThursThreads flash fiction challenge. Well, a couple of days later I entered the competition again for week 31 and this time I was declared the overall winner. Very cool.

You can read all the stories entered in the competition here. Pay particular attention to the entries from Robin Abess (@Angelique_Rider),  Cameron Lawton (@CameronLawton) and Rebekah Postupak (@postupak). They were the honorable mentions last week.

This was my entry:

The Storyteller

“I’ll tell you whatever you wish to hear.”

That was the storyteller’s promise, and we all crept closer, lured by his sincerity.

“Will you tell about the day the moon cracked?” Twisted Sally asked him.

“I’ll tell you of the day the moon cracked and the Goblin King came to steal the clouds of earth.”

“I want to hear about when the the oceans boiled,” Big Gus said.

“I’ll tell you of the roiling, boiling oceans and how the Atlanteans had to crawl onto the the beaches and beg for sanctuary.”

“I want to hear about the great revolt,” One-eyed Jane called out from the back.

“Of course!” the storyteller said. “I can tell you of the rebellion that felled the arcologies and brought the Oxygen Barons low.”

“What about our parents?” Red Anne, the smallest child, called out. “Will you tell us where our parents went?”

Silence fell like dominoes as each child held his breath and looked to the storyteller. He clasped his hands together and stared at Red Anne.

“Is that really the story you wish?” he asked her.

She nodded slowly, as if she were afraid a faster movement might break something delicate.

“Is that the story you all want to hear?” the old man asked the other children.

No one said no. No one said yes.

The storyteller bent his head in agreement. His voice was barely a whisper. “Our tale begins a long time ago, though not so long as you might think…”

The End

You can find all of my flash fiction here.


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