A collection of weekend thoughts

I have been mulling over the kind of content I could provide on this blog that would make it an interesting place to visit and allow it to be more than just a collection of vain ramblings about my own personal dreams. Obviously at this point I have no expert or authoritative advice to provide. I’ve never had a blog or website before and I’ve never had anything published. Both the craft and business of writing are fields I’m largely ignorant of. So, I certainly can’t tell any of you how to write a good story, produce a great blog or get published. What I can offer is a perspective that you might find interesting, perhaps even useful. I can’t tell you what I know with any great confidence, but I can share with you what I learn. I can point you to people, places and things I’ve personally found useful or inspiring. Your mileage may very, but if you find yourself at a similar stage of professional and creative development as I am then you might find some of it useful or inspiring too.

Some things I intend to post about: the websites and blogs that I link to in my blogroll and useful links list, the writers I love, books about both the craft and business of writing, apps and programs geared towards writers. For good measure I might sometimes toss in talk about music, movies, TV and comics (all kinds of storytelling). I’ll definitely be talking RPGs. Along with fiction, the gaming industry is the place I’d most like to make an impact as a writer.

More thoughts I’ve had about this place:

If you’re an early adopter of my blog I’ll need to warn you that it could be a bumpy ride, visually speaking, in these early times. As I write this post I literally have only days of experience in website creation and design. I’m going to be experimenting for awhile with the look and features of this place. Eventually I’ll settle into the style and presentation I want to stick with but until then things might be a little inconsistent.

The name. “Looking for a Rabbit Hole” sounded great in my head when I was racking my brain for something to put in the header. I’m starting to think I should have googled it first though and realized it would only be a variation on a popular theme used by wanabe artistic types throughout the net. I don’t say that to be disparaging to anyone else out there. To think of myself as anything other than a “wanabe artistic type” at this point would be fairly ridiculous. Still, for someone who wants to be writer I perhaps should have tried to come up with something a little less cliched. So the name might be getting changed. Or maybe I’ll keep it. I’m giving it a little time to see if I grow more comfortable with it.

THE LIST. Only a couple days old and it already needed a revision. For some reason I forgot to include getting something I write turned into an audiobook in the original list. The funny thing was I had told myself earlier in the day that I wrote that post that I should include a mention of audiobooks in the list. I’ll definitely be talking about this more in a future post but in the last six months I’ve become a big fan of audiobooks. To eventually see a book of my own given the audiobook treatment with a great narrator would be a fantastic treat.

So enough rambling for now. I’ll be posting my first real content post in the next day or so and sometime this week I’ll be putting up my entry for Chuck Wendig’s current flash fiction challenge. Expect that to become a regular occurrence. Thank you to AmandaKay and Louise Sorensen for being the first people to interact with me through this blog. To anyone else reading this: please feel free to drop me a note or a tweet (Twitter being another thing I’m brand new to) or leave a comment to a post. Feedback to the flash fiction would be particularly appreciated but so would anything else you care to share.

And now its time for bed.


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