2012: Year of the Blog

Ok, ok. Like most things I’m recapping here 2012 wasn’t a full calendar year of blogging, but it was the year I started blogging. I hope to be much more consistent with posting in the year going forward than I was in the last and  maybe grow something of an audience. As it stands, most of my readers come here directly from Chuck Wendig’s terribleminds.com when I participate in his week flash fiction challenges. Which is cool, but I’d like to hook more of those folks into sticking around than I currently do.

Still, while the website’s success, like my writing success, has been humble I still find it exciting and impressive in it’s own way.

For example: I had visitors from 35 different countries last year. The idea that my words have been read around the world? Cool.

I did manage to  interest a handful of people enough to come back and comment on more than one occasion. My thanks for joining the conversation to all who’ve left a comment over the last year. Special thanks to top commenters: AmandaKay, Nathan Kane (KG Arndell), Tim Whitcher and AB Singer.

Top post of the year? The Last Superhero. Things are going to happen with that story, thanks to the interest in it. Interest I can’t really explain. I mean, how did it end up the most popular post? No idea. Even if it were the best thing I’d written (which I’m not sure it is) I don’t know how it ended up getting so much consistent attention. Still, I’m glad it did because things are going to happen with that story.

So that’s a little recap of how the blog did in 2012. I look forward to doing so much more with it in 2013. I hope you’ll be a part of it and I hope you’ll jump in and join the conversation.

Oh, and if you’re curious I got most of my info from the WordPress Jetpack plugin’s end of year report. You can see a pretty nice presentation of this here.


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