Weekly Fiction Rec Roundup 4

Week 4! We’ve made it a month! Also, for the second week in a row I have a full compliment of 7 stories to share with you (though over on Mastodon I had to double up the recs one day to hit it as flu laid me low and broke my daily streak over there). You can now find a list of links to all the Weekly Roundups here.

This week we have a range of things, including a couple stories that really hit the 2017 feels for me, our first repeat author, and something incredibly fun. Of course, they’re all worth reading or I wouldn’t have recommended them. Finally, a special note: Many of the magazines these stories come from are taking a significant financial hit right now (through no fault of their own) due to the current fiasco happening with Patreon (which is Patreon’s fault). If you enjoy short fiction I urge you to consider supporting the places that produce it, if you can, in whatever method available you’re comfortable with.

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Weekly Fiction Rec Roundup 3

Week 3! My goal to read at least one short story a day and to share either it or another favorite story of mine on my Mastodon feed continues to go well. I’m loving the energy I’m getting from all the great reading and from having this goal I’m sticking to. I’m also happy the roundups have started getting some momentum going on the blog here and as this gets really established I plan to start adding more regular posts (probably starting with a return to Reading Old Comics).

OK, I’ve got a full flight of 7 stories to share with you (the first time in this young project that’s happened. Week 1 wasn’t actually a full week and in week 2 I missed a day) so we need to get into them, but an important note first. I will try to focus on recent fiction, but sometimes I dip back into stories form previous years, and sometimes I share a reprint. So if you’re looking for stories to read for any sort of awards purposes just be aware not all stories I share are going to qualify for such things.

Now, the stories!

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Weekly Fiction Rec Roundup 2

As mentioned last week I’m trying to read at least one short story a day, and, if I like it I’m signal boosting it on Mastodon (If I don’t like it I’m sharing a favorite story I’ve read before). Every week I’m gathering those recommendations here in a weekly roundup.

Here are the stories I shared this week:

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Weekly Fiction Rec Roundup 1

So I’ve joined Mastodon. You can find me at @JXilon@mastodon.social. I figure I basically don’t use Facebook or Google+ or any other social media outside of Twitter so I could afford one more thing to keep up with.

I’m hoping to make my mastodon feed a happy sort of place more tightly focused on creative stuff than my Twitter is. To go with that theme I’ve started posting one photo of mine there every day and sharing one story (not of mine) every day. I’m trying to read at least one short story every day, and if I like it I’m sharing it on Mastodon. If I don’t I go to the well and share a favorite story I’ve read before.

At the end of every week I’ll be posting the stories I recommended on Mastodon here in one collected post.

So here’s what I shared this week:

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A Review Is In!

Wanted to drop a quick note to share some cool news with you:

My latest story, “A Look at the Rise of Jihyun “Sardonicus” Layne From Pirate to Chancellor Through the Official Communiques of Her Predecessor” has been reviewed along with the other ten stories in the latest (and for now last) issue of The Sockdolager over at Quick Sip Reviews.

To say I’m thrilled to see that reviewer, Charles Payseur, liked the story would be a serious understatement. If you’ve read the issue, or are the sort who doesn’t mind spoilers, I strongly suggest heading over and checking out the full issue’s review. It’s a big post for a big issue, but it’s well worth your time.

Might I also suggest considering checking out Charles’ patreon and consider lending some support there? Supporting good markets is obviously incredibly important, especially in the face of losing venues such as The Sockdolager, but reviewers like Charles are also playing a really important role in the field. There’s no point to having good stories out there if no one is reading them or talking about them and reviewers help raise visibility and get the conversations started.

New Story! (It’s Been Awhile, But…)

So, it really has been awhile since this site has been updated with anything, but I’ve good news to share and it might bring some people by so I thought I’d best put *something* up!

So: I have a new story to share with you! It’s being published by The Sockdolager, it has a ridiculously long name, and while it’s a fairly short short-story it’s now the longest thing I’ve had published. I hope you’ll find it an amusing little tale and enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it. I also hope you’ll read the entire issue and consider supporting The Sockdolager, perhaps through their Patreon?

So that’s the important news. The other thing I’ve got to let you know is that despite not having used this place for far too long I haven’t forgotten about it. Indeed, I’ve been thinking about it quite a lot. Frankly speaking, I am not in a financial position to simply flush money down the toilet and while this site isn’t expensive it does cost something. Which means I need to either use it or lose it.

I don’t want to lose it.

I’m not going to go into it now, but I haven’t been doing anything with this site because I haven’t been doing anything much about anything other than just getting by in life for, well, far too long now. That’s mean almost no writing or blogging.

That is going to change, though I’m not going to make promises about when just yet. I do have ideas though and I would like to get back to “Looking for Rabbit Holes” of story and music and culture that I enjoy and want to share with all of you.

The best thing to do for now though, if you want to keep up with me and my thoughts and writing and the things I’m sharing is to follow me on Twitter. Even at my lowest energy there’s always room for a tweet so I’ve been *a lot* more active there than here.

Hope to see you there, hope to have things to show you here soon, and I hope you enjoy the story. Please spread it far and wide if you do and remember to support markets like The Sockdolager. They’re important.

120 Authors – 230 Tales – 1.1 Million Words! All Free!

Check out that title! That is what you’ll find if you go download yourself a copy of Up and Coming: Stories from the 2016 Campbell-Eligble Writers.

This mega-anthology was put together by writers SL Huang and Kurt Hunt, themselves Campbell Eligible this year, to showcase the vast range of new talent out there in the speculative fiction field. Continue reading